Reduce Waste

Avoid over-packaging.
Do you need to buy items individually wrapped?
If so, is the wrapping material made from recycled materials?
Could you buy the same product made from recycled materials?
Buy recycled items for your home:
Toilet paper, kitchen rolls, tissues, refuse sacks, recycled writing paper and envelopes.
Recycle your rags rather than buying new cloth or paper products, even if they are recycled.
When entertaining or having that summer barbecue:
Use proper cups, plates and cutlery.
Don`t use plastic or paper disposable items.
Choose longer-life, energy-efficient and rechargeable products.
Computer printing:
Do you really need to print that page?
Buy refillable or remanufactured printer cartridges for home or workplace computers and return spent cartridges for recycling.
Keep asking questions at your local store about the availability of recycled products.
Congratulate the store manager when new recycled content product ranges are stocked.
Use your consumer power in the workplace too:
For example, nearly every office has a photocopier. Does it use recycled paper? Has it ever been tried?
Find out what your local authority is doing about recycling and green purchasing. Does it have an environmental purchasing policy?
Help spread the word -
Tell people about Mrs Recycle (

Tell other people that you buy recycled products in preference to others.

Tell people about the three R`s -
Reduce… Reuse… Recycle… then buy recycled.