Climate Challenge Week 21-28th March at Pynes INFANTS school, Bideford

This week is Climate Challenge week and Mrs Recycle AKA Cathy Karniewicz funded by Torridge District Council has been encouraging all pupils at Pynes Infants School in a Full School Assembly, become the teacher of the adults that they live and "Make a Difference" and not just TREAD lightly in Torridge but our World. Mrs Recycle showed the pupils and teachers a huge RED Footprint in the sand and it's five toe imprints showing how these can represent 5 simple changes we can all make -   "It could be to turn the heating down - 1 degree, or using our 2 legs or 2 scooter wheels instead of the car, then filling our Kerbside Recycling boxes as much as possible by remembering the 3Rs,REDUCE, REUSE, COMPOST and RECYCLE looking at products that save resources 4 energy saving our world and finally being really healthy ourselves and have 5 fruit or vegetable portions a day."

Pupils Samara Williams -Hurley, Lily Grice and Ellie Lander joined Mrs Recycle AKA Cathy Karniewicz during the assembly by showing others that by wearing more clothes their adults would be able to turn the heating down at home, therefore saving resources, reducing global warming and the adults would save money too.