Broadwoodwidger School with their Recycling Bins

The photograph shows pupils from Broadwoodwidger School with their Recycling Bins for sorting out their Waste with Mrs Recycle from Torridge District Council. Click here for Press Release

Mrs Recycle visited everyone at Broadwoodwidger School on Tuesday 15th September to teach them them the importance of protecting our environment and learning about her favourite subject - R E C Y C L I N G ! Mrs Recycle is self employed but promotes Recycling for Torridge District Council, by arranging for the interactive presentations to take place at least every two years. Mrs Recycle saw some very positive changes with the way rubbish is sorted for recycling by using colourful lidded bins, also posters with actions which have been taken following previous visits. She now feels that their school can easily obtain certification for their efforts from Eco Schools and possibly fly the Eco School flag in the future !