The Bumblebee Plight

Brigit Strawbridge formally of www.the big green has been in North Devon talking to schools children, community and sustainable groups about BEEing aware of the Bumblebee plight and introducing listeners to the www:bumblebeeconservationtrust and plans for her own book to Bee completed next year.  Our own local Environmental Teacher Cathy Karniewicz, known as Mrs Recycle met Brigit at the annual “Instow in Bloom” and showed her how she now plans to also get the BeeAware message across North Devon by running WOW Recreate craft workshops where attractive Bumble Bee on sticks and wooden Bee Homes, Hotels and B & B establishments can Bee Made.

Noah's Ark - Chumleigh Holiday Club - offering a day of circus skills, craft and healthy bring and share lunch

Following the very succesful and well attained summer Holiday club at the Pavillion in Chumleigh on Friday.  Those attending were able to dress for the circus, make recycled paper clown hats, paper plate dancing clowns, model long balloons into flowers, poodles and hats and come together for a banquet of healthy homemade food fit for the Ring Master himself !

Helping hands - Prince's Trust Volunteers erect a WASTE SHIP at Holsworthy Community FunDay

Following on from the 3rd Community "Space" FunDay at Holsworthy on Wednesday 22nd September held at the Community College, Mrs Recycle AKA Cathy Karniewicz, working for Torridge District Council to encourage Recycling and to re-think about how we could REUSE items that we just what we throw away !

Mrs Recycle visits Great Torrington Community School

Following a interactive Presentation to Great Torrington Community School, Mrs Recycle AKA Cathy Karniewicz encouraged the whole year 8 during an assembly to Reduce their household waste and Recycle as much as possible for Torridge District Council's as part of Don't let Torridge go to Waste message.

The Big Green Bus

Mrs Recycle with her reusable Modbury shopping bag - Do you have one ? The Big Green Idea charity uses it's beautiful eco-bus to show people how easy it is to be green! Areas covered include: how to help bees; composting; organic growing; energy & water conservation; natural and organic skincare; sustainable food and permaculture.

Modbury The Facts

Mrs Recycle with her reusable Modbury shopping bag - Do you have one ?

The first village in South Devon to become totally plastic carrier bag free - I got one of their reusable bags.

The UK town of Modbury in Devon became the first in Europe to ban plastic carrier bags. In 2008 the town's 43 shops rallied together to go plastic bag free. Traders both large and small have joined the campaign --- including the local supermarket. On an average day it gave away as many as 1,000 carrier bags.

Video link you must watch

Watch the following video link to see the damage that plastic rubbish can do to nature.

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