Remember the 3 R`s. Reduce… Reuse… Recycle… then buy recycled.

Mrs Recycle asks you - What would you Reduce ? What would you Reuse ? What are you going to Recycle ?


the amount of rubbish you make. Try and only put out one (or less) black plastic bag of rubbish a week. Take a fresh look at what you buy and find new ways to reduce waste.


items again and again (drinks bottles for pack lunches, yogurt pots for growing plants, junk models and paint pots).


as much as possible (glass, paper, cardboard, metals, fabrics and compost all your kitchen waste).


- close the loop on recycling. Refuse to buy overpackaged and disposable products - close the loop and buy recycled. For more information on resources of recycled products click on following link. Recycled resources I've added the word compost and now have 2 more Rs - REPAIR and RECREATE.

Then we need to buy Recycled products - which is called Closing the loop on Recycling.

You probably recognise these signs.

Mrs Recycle says images like this can be found at Mrs Recycle says YES, the possibilities are as far as your imagination can s-t-r-e-t-c-h !