Resources For Buying Recycled Products

Table TopThis table top was made from re-claimed plastics like tooth-brushes, wellies and mobile phones. Available from Smile Plastics []

RulerThis 12-inch ruler was made from 7 vending machine cups!
Available from Remarkable [] (0208 741 1234

    The Centre of Alternative Technology [] (01654 705 986) have a range of items with the environment in mind available for the home:
  • Recycled bag.
  • Compact wind up torch.
  • Kitchen compost caddie.
  • Biogradeable starch pen.
  • Washing brush with 5 heads.
  • Recycled plastic clipboards.
  • Recycled plastic geometry set.
  • Re-use labels for re-using envelopes.

You can even get a 'Patagonia Synchilla' windproof jacket made from recycled plastic bottles from Snow & Rock [].

Compact paper shredders, recycling waste bins and recycled storage containers are available from Lakeland Ltd []

Recycling banks are available from Straight [].

Old mobile phones can be recycled at Don8-a-fone [].  To recycle old ink cartidges phone 0800 435 576, or watch out for a drop-off point in your local town. While you`re in town, also look out for drop-off points for your old spectacles.

Say No to Plastic bags and Yes to Jute.

Available from

Remarkable Pencils made from reclaimed vending cups.

Available from Tel: 0208 741 1234

Don`t shop without a Cotton Organic Shopping Bag

Available from Essential Trading Tel: 01179 430800, also available from Common Ground Tel: 01747 850820.

Tetra packs, clipboards & mousemats

Available from Tel: 01484 645 281

Radio & torch have no batteries, so no waste!

Available from Argos

Copying & Laser Paper from 100% recycled paper

Available from Evolve Office.

Refuse, pedal bin & dog waste bags

Available from

Recycled plastic hairbrush & re-fill service

Available from Bodyshop.