Why home compost?

Mrs Recycle saves all her uncooked fruit and vegetables to make Compost

As well as recycling and buying recycled, Mrs Recycle loves gardening. In the compost page Mrs Recycle offers all those with green fingers some useful tips she uses in her own garden.

Make Less Waste by putting it back into your garden

If you have a patch of grass, a lawn or yard that you cut weeds and grass from, PLEASE DO NOT put all of the waste into Black Rubbish bag and send it to the Landfill site, because as this green waste heats up it and causes one of the GREEN HOUSE GASES - METHANE TO BE MADE - WHICH IS DAMAGING OUR OZONE LAYER AROUND OUR WORLD.

Instead make compost!

The longer I've had my compost bins, the more often I take a second look at something, "Hmm. Can I compost this?" and as you can see below it's surprising how often you can answer "Yes!" Mrs Recycle logo


Compost bins rely on bacteria to break down the scraps and they will take between 6 months and a year before you can use the compost, but have you thought about a wormery. Come and meet the best recyclers ever WORMS they can turn unwanted waste into wanted Black Gold/compost a lot faster. Mrs Recycle knows that worms like these are the best recyclers ever!

If you want to compost with worms, you need a different kind of compost bin.

A worm bin/can of worms/wormfactory all will have a closed bottom, so the worms can’t get out. You do have to drill a couple of holes into the bottom, so excess water can get out. You can use any type of plastic bin for worm composting, but ideally it will have a matching lid.

Worms breath like all animals so you need to make sure they get enough air. A few slits or holes in the side of your bin will take care of the air circulation, but you want to cover them up with some screening to keep flies out. see worm composting on website Self Sufficent Life

Mrs Recycle suggests for those with small amounts of compostable waste and a little space outside have a Can of Worms Mrs Recycle has a Worm Factory at home with the three layers providing Working and Harvesting Tray and a Tap for Liquid Fertiliser - worm wee

For all those keen gardeners